Car Buying Tips
BE A SMART BUYER - Smart consumers do not only try to get the best price. It is much more important to select the right vehicle to suit your specific transportation needs and the right payment method to suit you financial planning. Proper tax planning can also save you thousands of dollars.

IDENTIFY THE NEEDS - If the vehicle that you are acquiring does not suit your needs, it can waste huge amount of your time and money no matter it is a luxury or cheap vehicle. It can also affect your safety and your family. Your experienced Auto Experts will help you in analyzing and identifying your transportation needs carefully.

SELECT THE RIGHT VEHICLE - Your Auto Experts will show you the detailed technical specification and options packages of the applicable vehicles, and then analyze with you to find out the best possible vehicle to suit your transportation and budget needs without bias.

SELECT THE BEST PAYMENT - Different payment method has different features. Depending on your financial planning, your AutoExperts consultant will help you in finding out the best payment method to suit your financial planning, and will arrange your application of financing or leasing of the vehicle. New immigrants and students can also apply.

TAX PLANNING - Proper tax planning can save you thousands of dollars of tax money, as well as making it becomes your tax-free saving plan. Your Auto Experts will provide you information on the related tax rules, and guide you how to deduct your income tax and claiming the G.S.T. /H.S.T.
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